About Us

First Class Campers is dedicated to making your Campervan experience as enjoyable and safe as possible. We love our vans and we’ve loved restoring them to the highest standard possible. They have an extremely high standard specification and we believe they’re the finest VW Campervans for hire.

Our classics are all ‘late bays’VW Campervans for hire, as they have radically improved safety features including disc brakes, crumple zones and passenger safety cell. These were introduced in 1974 and can be identified by the higher indicators on the front of the bus, and larger rear light clusters. We wouldn’t put our children in a pre-74 van and we wouldn’t expect you to either.

We have rebuilt the braking system on each van, replacing all consumables, brake lines and fluids. We even replace old fashioned seat belts with new inertia replacements, that ensure you’d be kept safe if the worst were to happen.

The tyres on your vw campervan for hire will have a minimum of 4mm tread, which is twice the legal limit, to ensure you have the best possible contact with the tarmac. Just another example of our commitment to safety, like the smoke and CO2 alarms fitted to every van as standard.

Every engine is removed from the van and reconditioned at least once a year, regardless of how well it is running. This drastically reduces the chances of your holiday or special day being spoilt by a breakdown. If something does go wrong, your campervan has a supply of cables, belts, bulbs and more, to help the (very) nice man from the AA get you back on the road.

VW Campervans for Hire

VW Campervans for hireWe are incredibly proud of the quality of our VW campervans for hire, and conduct a 30-point pre-rental inspection of your chosen van. This includes brakes, engine, suspension, seat belts, lighting, tyres, steering and much more. It’s just like an mini MOT each time they leave our care.

First Class Campers believe that it is our responsibility to ensure you receive a level of service that reflects the investment we have made in our VW campervans for hire. You can expect a prompt and courteous reply to all correspondence, and a warm welcome when you collect or deliver your campervan.

Shortly after you return your campervan, we will send you a feedback form. This is your chance to offer us a candid review of your experience, highlighting our strengths and any weaknesses. If we can do anything better, we’d genuinely love to know.

We only offer VW Campervans for hire, as they are our passion!  We hope they become yours too!